This is actually an urban legend from Spain. There are some steps to takein order for you to be able to open the website.

1- You must be alone.
2- You must turn off all the lights.
3- You must open the website at exactly midnight.

According to the legend, if you follow these instructions you will enter a bizarre website, which will take you to a whole new level of horror.
You must be aware with your 5 senses and be very careful to not click wrong. You'll be asked "Yes" or "No". If you press "No" you'll be safe but if you press "Yes" there's no way out.
On your screen will appear a camera recording live inside your house, it will pass through every room of your house and then it comes to you. You'll see yourself on your screen.
Then you'll meet the Blind Maiden, she'll rip off your eyes and record your horror face and you'll be forever a part of the website's picture gallery.

Are you willing to take the risk. The choise is yours...


Are you scared yet?